Plagued by You

I cannot escape these feelings

I stare at the ceiling

The stabbing pain that once left me reeling has now subsided to a dull ache

The last reminder of my terrible mistake

I try to escape the thought of you

But your presence haunts my dreams

My mind refuses to let you go, it’s obscene

In my dreams you speak empty honeyed words

You make empty grand promises

And you look at my with your empty lying eyes

That feign sincerity, a cunning disguise

The false sense of security provides me only temporary relief

My heart still craves it’s comfort, no matter how brief

The only thing I despise more than you is myself for believing what you said is true

I wish I could understand why I am the only one to suffer

Is this all supposed to make me tougher?

How can I complain when I know others who have had it rougher

The more I think the less I feel

The less I feel the slower I heal

I just wish this isn’t real

And I’m tearing at the seams

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